pureAir SOLO Personal Space Air Purifier


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pureAir SOLO is cautious about the claims it makes as a personal space air purifier, but it does use the 2020 keyword “virus” a couple of times. The around-the-neck garment generates an ion wind at 90 feet per minute, which the seller GreenTech claims prevents VOCs, germs, allergies, viruses, and other foreign particles from entering the air in your local area. For years, airlines and other modes of public transportation have been obvious locations to wear devices like the pureAir SOLO – I wrote about the AirTamer personal travel air purifier back in the kinder days of 2013. You can now wear one to work, the grocery store, out to dinner, to medical appointments, and to any other form of meeting.

In addition to removing dangerous airborne particles, the pureAir SOLO can reduce or eliminate strong aromas, such as those from other people’s perfumes and lotions, for those who are sensitive to fragrances.


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