Nautical Brass 100-Year Calendar Compass

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My wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power, assured me at our wedding that we’d be together until we’re 102, so while most of you might not need the 100-year calendar that tops this Nautical Brass 100-Year Calendar Compass, this dude is placing his order right now.
The compass measures 2″ in diameter and is completely functional for navigation or just spinning and screwing around. The Robert Frost poem “The Road Not Taken” is engraved on the inside of the 100-year calendar cover, which is a little cheesy but makes the solid brass calendar / compass combo a perfect gift for Dad.
About this item
  • Diameter Size : 2 INCHES Compass
  • Material Used : Brass | Compass is handmade and small to be carry easily in pocket – Brass is polished to antique finish to give it a real antique look and feel GIFT # can be a cool gift for your loved ones as well as for your employees
  • Color : Brass Antique,Weight ; 185 grams | Functionality | Magnetic compass is fully functional and work like an antique compass
  • Packing : Packed in single Parcel Corrugated Export Packing
  • Exclusively Sold Buy Malla Incorporation,, Usage:Vintage navigational / collectibles


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