Motorized Inflatable T-Rex Ride-On Pool Float

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I believed all my wishes had come true when I first saw this Motorized Inflatable T-Rex Ride-On Pool Float. T-Rex. Float for the pool. I was able to navigate the water with a joystick with little effort on my part.
But then I read the description, which stated, “Requires 6 D-Cell Batteries (not included).” Six D-cell batteries? Not even included?! How much more will those cost? What about weight? And why waste them when they always die after an hour of use? I know T-Rex is a dinosaur, but the Motorized Inflatable T-Rex Ride-On Pool Float doesn’t have to be stuck in the past. Let’s strap some solar panels to this guy’s back. Allow the light, which is always shining brightly when I’m in the water, to power him. Six D batteries. Yeesh. Almost makes me want to use my own two legs to move the float.