35 Work From Home Essentials That Make Work Suck Less

Working from home is an absolute blessing – you no longer have to deal with frustrating traffic, annoying co-workers, or fear of getting sick from your infected colleagues. But working from home needs to handled the right way by setting up a dedicated work area and having the best items to completely transform your work-for-home experience, making you more productive while also achieving a better work-life balance. Since everyone at ThisIsWhyImBroke works from home, we’re experts in this topic, and we’ve compiled what we believe to be the ultimate list of work-from-home essentials, with all of them being products we use daily and personally swear by. We’ve included a wide range of products like essential oil diffusers to set a calming workplace environment, and sit-stand desks to improve your overall health, and other essentials like coffee makers. Keep in mind this is not a budget conscious list, everything we’ve covered in this list we believe to the best, and investing in your work environment is absolutely recommended if you plan to do it for the long term, and it might even be tax deductible or your employer might be willing to cover the cost! Of course, if budget is a concern, we definitely recommend browsing this list and purchasing more inexpensive versions of all products we’ve listed below.

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